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Calpak Prisma

An innovative, high-tech collector that takes solar water heaters to a new era!

The creation of Prisma® collector makes all of us, at Calpak, very proud. It is an innovative collector that stands out for its technology and manufacturing qualities. Prisma’s smart production platform is fully automated with new robotic systems that are centrally controlled through 5G technology and AI algorithms. It is acknowledged as one of the most advanced solar thermal production platforms in Europe. The truly resilient water tank combined with the high performing Prisma collector®, ensure an efficient solar water heater that will deliver ample hot water for many years.

What is the Prisma® collector?

It’s an innovative, high-tech collector.

What makes it innovative?

The polymeric material Colofast® (BASF®) that is used in its production; a world first achievement.

Where has the Colofast® material been applied to date?

It has been used by the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world for the manufacturing of the car sunroofs.

What are its features and what value does it offer to the Prisma® collector?

  • Perfect adhesion with glass and metal, which makes it ideal for their strong bonding
  • Great torsional rigidity and, therefore, robustness throughout the structure
  • Absolute waterproofing
  • Perfect finish

How is the Prisma® collector produced in the Calpak factory?

It is produced by a fully automated production line, which includes 5 robotic arms and high-tech machines.

What are the benefits of an automated production line?

It ensures absolute standardization of the production process and, therefore, the assurance of high quality.


Power Robustness Design

High Technology Production

Mark5 is entirely produced in the new smart factory of Calpak that has been recognized as the most advanced in Greece in terms of robotic technology and artificial intelligence application that make possible the automatic optimization of mechanical processes.

A solar water heater must be very powerful to fully meet your hot water needs.
Mark5, based on certified tests, has one of the most powerful collectors in Europe (80% efficiency and minimal thermal losses), as well as a well designed heat exchanger that ensures efficient energy transfer from the collector to the tank.

It must also be robust so that you can enjoy free solar energy for as many years as possible.
Mark5 is made with the best materials, following the strictest quality standards. The tank is made of DC-03 steel according to
DIN 10130, it is robotic welded with pulse tig technology and enameled according to DIN 4753/3. The collector’s frame is made of a 2.4 mm double-wall aluminum profile and has an aluminum back. The flat roof support is also made entirely out of aluminum.

Finally, it must be well designed to match your aesthetics.
Mark5 is designed according to modern abstraction & ergonomics trends and has an honorary reference in the internationally recognized reddot directory.

Calpak M5

Using the cutting-edge technology of our new smart factory we took our premium solar collector line to the next level. The M5, whilst maintaining the unique structural sturdiness of its predecessor, raises substantially its performance and is solar-keymark
certified as one of the most efficient solar thermal collectors in the market (η0= 80%)

The Architect’s Choice
The sturdy frame of the M5 allows it to be supported by two aluminium sticks, offering a neat installation. Moreover, the M5 remains very efficient even at very low inclinations thanks to its outstanding performance attributes.

Innovative Characteristics

1. Double-wall alumimium profile 2,4mm
This frame offers increased durability and enhanced insulation.
2. High performing absorber
Made of a dense harp, with 12 laser-welded copper risers, and 0,5mm full plate ultra-selective surface.
3. Boltless construction for clean looks
The glass and aluminium base are compressed so as to form a sturdy totality with a prism-like facade.
4. Integrated support attachments for ease of installation and universal compatibility
This collector can easily and safely be adjusted on different types of inclined or flat roof supports.

Calpak Xflow

Ground-breaking technology for fresh hot water

Optimizing the heat transfer process had always been a major challenge for our R&D department. Transmission of thermal energy from the energy source to the storage tank and from there to consumption traditionally suffered from substantial heat losses that affect both efficiency and the ultimate operational cost of the hot water system.
The intelligent X-flow technology developed and patented by Calpak overcomes the issues of thermal losses and low efficiency rates typical in conventional heat exchangers. The Calpak X-flow ultratank ensures exceptionally fast and efficient thermal exchange between the closed and open circuits resulting in at least 25% energy savings compared to a conventional storage or fresh water tank in any given hot water installation.

What is the Calpak X-flow ultratank*?

The Calpak X-flow is a fresh water tank of very high efficiency.
It can be charged by any available energy source (e.g heat pump, gas or diesel boiler, solar collectors, electrical element). It stores the energy in its buffer tank and can instantaneously transfer this energy to the fresh water heat exchanger quickly heating up the domestic water to the desired temperature. The energy stored in the buffer tank can also be used for space heating or any other similar use that requires thermal energy.