Leminar Inaugurates its Newest ‘Show Office’ in Sharjah

Leminar Inaugurates its Newest ‘Show Office’ in Sharjah

A leading name in the HVAC and Plumbing industries in the Middle East, Leminar, in collaboration with its esteemed global partner Rheem, announced the grand unveiling of their ‘show office’ in Sharjah, UAE. The momentous occasion marked another convergence of the two companies as they continue to jointly cater to the growing needs of the city by ensuring the availability of the highest-calibre products through the new show office. 

A celebratory event, the inauguration of the innovative space witnessed dignitaries and senior management from Leminar and Rheem come together for the opening, further strengthening the three-decades-long partnership of both companies.

The show office will serve as a hub for industry professionals, providing visitors with a platform to explore cutting-edge HVAC technologies and solutions, solidifying Rheem and Leminar’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

A groundbreaking initiative in the HVAC sector, the dynamic space will also offer visitors a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences and live product demonstrations on the office floor, revolutionising the way clients and partners interact with HVAC products, setting a new standard of excellence in the industry and redefining the HVAC experience.

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