Why Choose a Central Water Heating System for Your Home or Building?

Why Choose a Central Water Heating System for Your Home or Building?

March 29, 2023: A central water heater is a unit that provides hot water for an entire home or building from a single or centralised location. Central water heaters can be mounted on a roof, under a shed or in any closet in your apartment/villa while the piping can be installed covering all bathrooms and kitchens where hot water is required. Illustrated below, is a diagram which depicts the piping layout when opting for a central water heating system.

Typically, a central water heater has the following major components and technical features:

Why Choose a Central Water Heating System?

There are many advantages to utilising a central water heating system for your apartment or villa’s water heating requirements. Factors such as lower running costs, privacy, easy maintenance, efficiency, safety, durability and the initial cost of the equipment make a central water heater a convenient and more cost-effective option than the point-of-use water heater.

Typically, for use in individual bathrooms, water heaters should be approximately 50 litres. A key advantage to using central water heaters is the flexibility and diversity they offer, efficiently catering to the different requirements needed in rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. For instance, in a 4-bathroom villa, each bathroom will typically require 50 litres, making the total capacity 200 litres for the entire house (however, a smaller central heater with a capacity of 150 litres can also be used). By using a smaller heater, users can save money, avoid unnecessary heat loss, and reduce energy bills, boasting fewer maintenance costs and less upfront costs as compared to individual water heaters.

In conclusion, having a central water heater ensures that hot water is readily available for use at any time, without the need to wait for the water to heat up. In addition to the several advantages that it offers over other types of water heaters, central water heaters are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan. 

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Authors: Jamal Ali and Dinesh Rupani

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